“The Fresh District is a movement which promotes fresh, local and sustainable food systems in urban environments.”


Why should I eat locally-grown food?


“Friends and family go together with good food.”


“The Fresh District is a movement which promotes fresh, local and sustainable food systems in urban environments.”

Live events, fresh food offerings, social media and web-based initiatives make The Fresh District the go-to source in Georgia for fresh local food, fresh news and entertainment, fresh ideas, fresh menus, and a blueprint for a fresh lifestyle.  


“Friends and family go together with good food.” The Fresh District is quite simply, The Future of Food.  

What does that mean? Our movement exists for the betterment of our community.  What do we prefer for our community? We prefer a community where knowledge of agriculture, food technology, nutrition and the importance of the state of Georgia raises up generations of smart, innovative participants in the industry.

We care about where I food comes from—and want as much of it from Georgia as possible! Georgia is Nature’s Favorite State and we support that, promote that and enjoy that in everything we do.


“Who grows it? What local food is available? When is the best time for my favorite Georgia-produced food? Where can I get it? Why should I eat locally-grown food? How can I support local growers and Georgia agriculture?”  

Fresh District Menus are a great start! Our menus account for seasonal local offerings, best practices for a healthy lifestyle, and of course, your budget.   Buy Fresh, Eat Local.


Id:  Chef Megan McCarthy of Healthy Eating 101


“The Future of Food is knowledge, fresh and sustainable supply and healthy lifestyles.”

The ultimate goal of the Fresh District is the development of The Future of Food Interactive Learning Center.  A high-tech, interactive learning space with an incredible Robotic Farm, Large and small exhibitions which promote Georgia's commodities with interactive displays, the Harvest Theater, which presents educational and entertaining live shows, and a growing commercial exhibit space where industry professionals can help shape the future of the industry.


DELANO MASSEY is a retired United States Army JAG Corps warrior. Having harnessed numerous lessons from his Honorable military service, which coupled with over 20+ years’ experience owning and operating various businesses across the country, Delano leads The Fresh District by example and vision.

In addition to conceiving of and overseeing The Fresh District, Delano oversees a first class group of senior executives that propel his business group, JacobsEye, as a cutting-edge, global mixture of both communication and asset development solutions.  

JacobsEye Marketing Agency is a collection of industry experts, who in aggregate, have worked with the world’s biggest brands and organizations., social media, digital media, media planning and branded content solutions.

JacobsEye Asset Development Firm brings a turn-key system to both public and private client-partners.  Delano’s greatest asset is his love for and thirst for knowledge for agriculture.

Delano is committed to helping to raise a new generation of urban citizens who connect with agriculture as an integral part of their lives.

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